A Quiet Sunday – The Botanics, and Nassim Hill Bakery.

Had a lovely Sunday afternoon strolling through the Botanic Gardens, then stopped by Nassim Hill Bakery for tea. Their Reuben was excellent – the pastrami postively dripped with flavour, and the sauerkraut provided a perfect counterpoint to its saltiness. They also had a Jaffa Cake cake, which was rather nice. Recommended!

As an aside, this also gave me a chance to test out VSCO film no. 3 – a pack which seeks to emulate the look of instant films. Used judiciously, it’s a great compliment to other packs, and far more subtle than Instagram filters. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the results!sunday-1 sunday-2 sunday-4 sunday-5 sunday-6 sunday-7 sunday-8 sunday-9 sunday-10 sunday-11 sunday-12 sunday-13 sunday-14 sunday-15 sunday-16 sunday-17 sunday-18



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