Lucha Loco.

My new favorite Mexican joint in town – love the authentic atmosphere, and the food is absolutely excellent. The snapper was particular great – with a touch of spice to it, and plenty of crunch to the skin as well. And don’t forget the giant watermelon cocktail… Good for 4!

It also gave me a chance to test the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 on my D600. It’s an absolute keeper – one of those lenses that will forever be a defining part of my collection, I suspect. After trying hard to love both the X100 and X100S as my 35mm carry-everywhere cameras, I doubt I’d be able to compromise now. Guess I’ll have to carry the D600 most of the time!

loco-11 loco-12 loco-14 loco-15 loco-16 loco-17 loco-18 loco-19 loco-20 loco-21 loco-22 loco-27 loco-33 loco-34


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