The UK Tour – Covent Garden.

Ah, London, how I love thee. There are few places finer in the whole world than Covent Garden bathed in glorious summer sunshine. What a wonderful opportunity to take some good ol’ fashioned photos, and test the new Coolpix A. Which, by the way, I have completely fallen in love with – it may not look as sexy as the Fuji X100S, but the photos it produces are, to my eye, so much finer.

Love from London1

london-1 london-4 london-6 london-8 london-11 london-16 london-14 london2-47 london2-46 london-17 london-18 london2-45 london2-44 london2-43 london2-42 london-19 london-20 london2-48 london-15 london-25 london-22 london-21 london-27 london-23 london-30 london-28 london-29 london-31 london-24 london-32 london-33 london-34 london-35


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