A jaunt with the RX1

Now that I’ve finally got my hands on the RX1 to play with – having sold some very near and dear equipment to finance it – I finally had the chance to put it to the test for 24 hours in Bintan.

When the RX1 was first released, many people scoffed at the concept. A full frame camera with a fixed 35mm, selling at more than a D800? Why even bother?

I wasn’t one of those people. I hate lugging around too much equipment when I travel. For commercial shoots, carrying a huge load of equipment is one thing, but doing it on holiday is another. This is exacerbated that I’m almost exclusively a prime shooter. This negated the advantage that cameras like the OM-D had for me, because I’d end up lugging around 6-7 primes with me at any given time – and using maybe 3, at best, on any given day.

Then along came the X100/X100S, offering a fixed 35mm equivalent focal length and a (relatively) fast f/2 lens. On paper, it ticked all the boxes for me, including the gorgeous styling. But as much as many people loved it, I could never quite get used to its controls, or the output from the X-Trans sensor in the X100S. Next was the Nikon Coolpix A, which is brilliant for landscape work, sharp as a tack, and I continue to love, but which continues to be hampered by the less than ideal f/2.8 maximum aperture which doesn’t do much in the way of subject separation.

So I got a hold of an RX1. And I am blown away. Does it have quirks? Sure. The autofocus is a little slow, and hunts in low light. It should come with an EVF built in. It charges through USB.

But that’s really just nitpicking. The output from that Zeiss lens, coupled with the dynamic range of the same sensor in the a99, leads to really beautiful, fuss-free picture making. I absolutely can’t wait to get more time with it! As always, click through the image to see the EXIF data.

(PS – Yes, the firework shots were intentionally out of focus.)



look at the stars.







One thought on “A jaunt with the RX1

  1. superb photos and a even better summary of your experience with the RX1, i can’t wait for mine to arrive. I too had used an Fuji X100s before, it had such promise, 35mm equivalent FOV, F2, fast AF, but ultimately the X-Trans raw file was painfully tough to work with, although it did occasionally produce stunning results.

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